The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an initiative aimed at providing support and services to people with disabilities. It is designed to assist individuals in achieving their goals, enhancing their independence, and improving their overall quality of life. The NDIS operates on the principle of individualized funding: Participants have the freedom to choose the services that best suit their needs.

Service providers such as TLC play a crucial role in the NDIS. We offer a wide range of services to participants. The services include:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Support workers

We work closely with NDIS participants to understand their unique requirements, preferences, and aspirations.

At TLC, we collaborate with participants to develop a personalized support plan that aligns with their goals and objectives. The plan outlines the specific services, therapies, and supports that will be provided. It covers areas such as:

  • Daily living assistance
  • Employment support
  • Equipment provision
  • And social participation activities.

Once the support plan is established, we deliver services that include in-home care, therapy sessions, skills development programs, and assistance with community engagement.

Our focus remains on fostering a supportive, inclusive environment that ensure the participant feels empowered and in control of their own life choices.