About Us

True Lifestyle Care

True Lifestyle Care is a Family-owned Care Agency.

We are based in South-East Melbourne and deliver NDIS support across Victoria and Queensland. We operate our business ethically.

Whether it is promoting freedom of choice and independence, delivering an efficient, effective model of support, or demonstrating family values and inclusion.

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide innovative care that is true to the individual lifestyle

Our Vision

To inspire our clients to have the hope of an independent, happy and productive life.

Our Values

True person-centred care: We value our client’s right to have a say in the care that they wish to receive. Accessibility: We want to create an environment across all our services & platforms to suit all your needs. Quality: we take pride in having skilled & dedicated staff to ensure we deliver a high standard of care. Inclusive: We welcome diversity and are responsive to our clients’ identities. Respect: We advocate and care for all our employees and participants in a manner that allows for a safe, kind and meaningful environment.